city creek {round three}

Hmm. This is the third post I've done about City Creek. Do you think we like it? I think we do. (Really, we love any excuse we get to go there.) This time it was with the Sundays for an early Father's Day celebration. We had a "picnic" dinner, let the children run around on the cool indoor toys, and stopped in our favorite store. Bet you can't guess which one that is. It was probably my favorite time at City Creek since it was not crowded and we got to be there at night. We seriously felt like we were on vacation on 5th Avenue. I'm so sad I didn't get any pictures of the place all lit up. (Guess we'll just have to go back for round 4.  Any takers?) But speaking of pictures, I took one picture of Kate, Halle and Sawyer and they kept asking for more. So we did a fun little impromptu photo shoot. Gosh, Blake is lucky to have these cute cousins. They are so much fun to be around!

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