blake {at five months}

Things to Remember:
-He loves playing and grasping onto the Oball and tries to put it into his mouth.
-His personality has developed so much this last month. He is talking and making much more noise, just for the sake of making noise.
-He babbles the most when he is in the car. I think he likes to hear his voice against the bumpy road.
-He has rolled over from back to front!
-He still loves to sleep while being swaddled.
-He loves to grab and hold onto his feet, especially when he is in his carseat. When we don't have his carseat base, he will scratch his nails against the seat belt since he can't grab his feet.
-We can feel his first tooth coming through.
-We have had two nights of him sleeping 12 hours at night. It's mostly 10 though.
-He has a contagious smile and laugh.
-He is a focused little guy.
-He is 15 pounds.

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