cedar city. in photos.

Our slow, uneventful week suddenly turned into a crazy one-with so much going on that I don't know how we will have the energy to do it all. But somehow we will. While I have a few spare seconds, I figured I should quickly document our trip to Cedar City that we took last weekend before I get so behind on blogging that I give up. (It seems like many have given up blogging. Is it a thing of the past? Well, even if it is, I don't want to give up since this is the only scrapbooking that I'll ever have time and motivation to do.) But I digress.

We went to Cedar City primarily for Les Mis at the Shakespeare Festival, but we had a whole lot of fun in addition to that. Some highlights: Blake's first time at a hotel, festival in the park, ice cream at Bulloch Drugstore, picnic at the Navajo park with Tadd and Stephanie, watching Les Mis (uh-mazing!), Blake's first time swimming, hike up the canyon, pizza at the parking garage, and playing and hanging out with J&K, Emmeline and Charlie. 

this was the gazebo where I started falling in love with Brandon

And the Iphone photos: festival in the park, a full car, at the show. We love musicals!

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