lessons learned at cove fort

Besides the musical, our spontaneous stop at Cove Fort on the way home from Cedar City on Sunday was our favorite part of the trip. What started out as a quick stop to change drivers and stretch our legs ended up being a few hour detour. It was well worth it. The tour was fascinating. We learned the meaning behind the saying "Sleep tight", reminded to "come aside" for family prayer, and learned we have no room to complain about hard work. The Hinckley family that ran that place were very hard workers and exceptional and gracious hosts to everyone who stayed there. We came away with garden envy and a new skill that will be in the upcoming Olympics. Okay, so we only wish about that last part because we were pretty good at the wheel game, for lack of the correct term.


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  1. what a great trip! I remember going to cedar city for the festival with connor's family. So fun!


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