blake {at 6 months}

Things to Remember:
-He can sit up completely on his own for a long time.
-He does crunches multiple times a day. He has tougher abs than we do.
-He is over his pink eye infection, thank goodness!
-He loves watching cars go by.
-So far, he likes brown rice cereal and sweet potatoes.
-He rolls over like it's no big deal now.
-When he is tired, he grabs his feet.
-He is still bald in the back, but the hair on the top of his head is getting thicker.
-He takes bath in the kitchen sink or showers with dad.
-He likes swimming in the pool and splash pads.
-He is a curious little boy-always watching and observing what is going on around him.
-2 weeks ago, he weighed 15 lbs,  7 oz, but I'll update it as soon as we have his 6 month appointment.
-His bottom two teeth are completely in. Knock on wood, but teething didn't phase him too much.
-To fall asleep, he likes being swaddled and put right in his crib. There are pros and cons to this. I wish he would let me rock him to sleep, but it is nice that he falls asleep on his own.
-I love this stage! He is very expressive and engages with whoever is around him.

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  1. I think he's starting to look a little different. Maybe it's just because he's 1/2 a year old! Wow! Such a sweet little boy you have.


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