king camp 2012

King Camp 2012 was 4 days of non-stop, crazy fun. 

To sum it up, we: 
-played an 11 pm soccer game overlooking the Rexburg Temple
-had a kick-off breakfast complete with "We are Family" playing 
and everyone getting matching bracelets
-drove to Island Park
-stopped at Mesa Falls for lunch
-swam in Henry's River
-stayed in a Riverside condo
-fed fish and saw some moose at Big Springs
-went to Yellowstone
-played games 
-took a midnight dip in the river
-played a few pranks
-drove back to Rexburg
-played with cousins
-went on a carousel ride
-played at the splash pad
-scoured DI for treasures
-took family pictures
-celebrated getting family pictures done with ice cream
- had nerd night
-watched an outdoor movie
-and each family showed off their mad cooking skills

Details and pics coming soon, but right now I'm wishing I was back on this river...

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