the day we unintentionally matched

The day Blake and I unintentionally matched was the day... 

we had a plumber come in the morning to fix our toilet. I'm not one to get ready for the plumber so I grabbed the first shirt I could find.

...It was also the day that Blake woke up with a terribly puffy and swollen eye. I took him to the doctor for 

his first unplanned appointment. The only clean outfit in his basket was the one I put him in.

It took me a few minutes to realize that we were matching. I thought about changing, then I thought that I have too many other things to do to care. 

I should have changed. Not that matching mom- and- son outfits are cute and all, but the doctor gave us a 

pretty interesting look as if to say, "Do you always match?" No, doc, we don't. 

Here's to a quick pink-eye- turned- skin- infection recovery for Blake 

(and maybe another unintentional matching day. It's not likely I can get away with this forever. )

his poor little swollen eye

1 comment:

  1. Love that you unintentionally matched. Sometimes I do that with my kids. Oops! Poor Blake, pink eye is always a bummer!


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