white water rafting and more in star valley

Our trip with the Sundays this year took us to Star Valley, Wyoming. Andy and Rachel were fabulous hosts. This was the easiest trip we have ever been on. No really, all we had to do was show up and meals, lodging, and everything was arranged for us. It was awesome and made for a relaxing trip with everyone!

...Nicole took family photos for everyone. I'll have to post those soon.

...We went white water rafting down the Snake River. I was overly paranoid and was hoping the weather would turn stormy so I would have an excuse not to go, but it proved to be one of the best parts of the trip. Lynette was brave and watched all the kids so the adults could go together. It was scenic and beautiful. And scary, but exhilarating. Check out our faces as we are going down Kahuna.  (photos credit of whitewater photos).

...We watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Mr. Bean playing Chariots of Fire took the show.

...The boys golfed. Blake and I went on a run.

...We took a jaunt down Afton's Main Street and found the most awful/awesome/incredibly overpriced junk second hand-store. I scored a pair of h&m skinny jeans for $5.

...The Lincoln County Fair started the same weekend. We went to the parade and again concurred that small-town parades are the best.

...Then we headed to a demolition derby.

...In between all of that, we ate lots of good food, played games, napped, and chatted. Thanks for a fun trip everyone!

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