happy sunday.

October is here.  It's already here?! 
Oh well, I am not complaining because I LOVE this month for so many festive reasons.
(I'll be sharing all the festive things we do over at So Festive this month, so check it out!)  
We hosted a festive fall dinner for FHE on Monday.
While we were eating, Blake played with his girlfriend Libby. And we caught them holding hands already. Oh, what are we going to do? 

General Conference this weekend was just wonderful! Our church leaders
really are inspired to share what we need to hear. For the past few years, I've always had
a list of questions/concerns/things that I want some direction on. And you know, every time without fail I get answers. This time was no different. I feel very inspired and motivated. 
It was also after the Sunday sessions 5 years ago that Brandon told me he loved me for the first time. 
There are just so many good things associated with General Conference. 

Speaking of Sundays. In two weeks, we'll be hosting the 5th Annual Sunday Spudnut Sunday.
Save the date and come eat spudnuts with us! If you need our address, let us know.
Like I said, just another reason why October is perhaps the best month of the year. 

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