blake {at 9 months}

Already 9 months? This 9 months sure went faster than when I was pregnant. Not that I had a terribly rough pregnancy, but waiting for Blake to arrive seemed like forever!

Things to Remember:
-His favorite toy is a mirror. It can keep him entertained forever.
-He doesn't fall asleep unless he is in his crib.
-He has yet to figure out crawling forward, but backwards, he'll do circles in the living room.
-Actually scratch that last one. Just 2 days after 9 months he started crawling forward.
-We are the best of friends. He is a great shopping buddy.
-He is still taking 2 1/2 naps a day.
-He weighed in at 17 lbs, 15 oz and 27 inches long. He's not the biggest kid on the block.
-He will eat anything we give him, but he especially loves applesauce.
-He loves looking at anything that moves, especially cars
-He likes playing with puzzles and is mesmerized by the space heater fan.

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