new abode

Brandon's work abode that is. Excitement all around. 
Blake is excited the new building is done because that means Brandon's commute time is cut in half which means he gets more time to hang out with Dad. (Ok, let's be honest. That's my favorite part about it, too!)
Brandon is happy because it's such a cool place to spend his days at work.
How could you not love this place? 
The largest lava lamps in the world, basketball court, gym and rock wall, cafeteria, modern art and white furniture, and tons of natural light are just a few of the cool things. Oh, and that a street goes through it. 
It was fun getting to tour it together. Aside from the coolness of the building, we are just grateful that Brandon has a good job that provides for our family. It's truly a blessing. 


  1. Wow! You guys are officially too cool for us. Dean works at a smelly, old, high school.

  2. Cool building. Blake looks like he just fits in that chair.


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