it's beginning to look a lot like christmas!

It was perfect having Blake around this year so he could help put the star on the tree. 

Here it is all lit up.  I think our power bill will be high this month because I leave the lights on all. day. long. Christmas trees are so magical!

I brightened up my Christmas decorations this year (my how my tastes have changed over the years) by redoing our advent calendar (remember this old one?) and we got new matching stockings that we can pull out each year. It makes me happy to see 3 hanging there. We can't wait for tomorrow so we can start eating our countdown Lindt chocolates and doing our daily Christmas activities!

I'm already very aware that our future children will not have as many pictures as Blake, but I couldn't resist. These photos of him and the tree capture how much curiosity this little boy has. 

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  1. Melissa I love watching your family grow and all the fun things you do!


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