blake {at 10 months}

I think of all the months so far, Blake learned more this month. Of course, each day of his life has seemed to bring something new, but developmentally, he started doing so many new things this month. This has been one of the most fun months.

Things to Remember: 
-He had his first fever that threw off his great sleep schedule for a few weeks.
-His top left tooth has broke through and the front teeth are close behind.
-He pulls himself up in the crib.
-He can crawl forward and backward. He is all over the house.
-He pulls himself up onto everything.
-It's so cute when we are in another room and he will crawl to be with us.
-He loves tags. He can find a tag on anything like blankets, clothes, jackets and will suck on it.
-He learned to give kisses. We will say "kisses" and he'll lean in with a big open-mouth, sloberry kiss.
-He hasn't signed any signs back, but he knows what eat, milk, bedtime, and all-done mean.
-He doesn't like to sit still. He loves moving and exploring.
-It takes him a bit longer to fall asleep now because he'll roll over and get stuck standing up.
-His favorite toys right now are the Eric Carle caterpillar and still the mirror.

Look how much he has changed!

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