early christmas eve

We had an early Christmas Eve dinner on the 23rd with the Kings this year. I know it's a lot of work, but I love our tradition of having a fancy, candlelight Christmas Eve dinner. Emily and Sarah decorated and I think it looked like something from Martha Stewart. We had our traditional cream cheese chicken with a few new things like Katie's amazing festive jello.


Grandpa gave Blake new pjs and he also gave us our tin ornaments for the year. Tin ornaments have been a tradition for longer than I was born. Each year growing up we would get an ornament that my dad would engrave our name and what number of Christmas it was for us. Tin ornaments are nearly impossible to find at any store, but he loves carrying on the tradition for us that he special orders them each year. It is another one of my favorites. 

After the children were nestled in their beds, the adults had a white elephant gift auction. We all bid on some pretty fun(ny) gifts. 

The next morning, we had a big breakfast, acted out the nativity (with make-shift costumes and props), and helped deliver my dad's neighbor gifts.

Then we came back to our house for our very first Christmas morning on our own since we've been married. 

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  1. Go Arbys Christmas glasses! (We enjoyed ours this Christmas, too). We loved seeing all the pictures and wish we could be closer. We love you guys!

    Nate & Leslie


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