blake {at 11 months}

Wow. Am I really doing the 11th version of these posts? Some months roll around and I think, "Oh, not much has changed" or I feel like I am writing the same things. But, just as I quickly glanced at the pictures from the last 11 months, I am shocked at how much he really has changed. I'm grateful for all of the memories I've taken time to record.

Things To Remember: 
-The high-pitched screams. Oh, how some of them make our ears ring! Hoping it's a short-lived phase.
-All boy. He has no interest in stuffed animals, but give him a car, something that makes noise or moves, and he is all there.
-Still a fairly good sleeper, but wakes up at 4 am on the dot. Still working on that one.
-He loves babies and little children. His favorite things to look at are the Baby's R Us ads and this one book that has real boy in it smiling. Our only saving grace at Winco the other day was other carts that passed by with children in them.
-He is 19.8 pounds.
-Some of his favorite foods are: cheerios, wheat bread, bananas, green beans, cream of wheat, and applesauce.
-He has the cheesiest grin that melts my heart. He has 5 teeth with two more on the way.
-He loves hanging out with Dad, especially pounding on the piano and  building block towers.
-He is crawling super fast from room to room. He pulls himself onto everything and grabs all that is in his reach.
-He has learned to clap and bang toys together.  He's also learned how to throw things

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  1. Ahhhh! You almost have a one year old!! How did that happen so fast? Before you know it he'll be running all over the place! What a handsome little dude.


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