christmas 2012

Blake slept in until 9. We didn't complain. Usually we are done opening gifts quickly, but Blake helped us slow down and enjoy it longer. Santa brought Blake a high chair booster seat, quiet book, a doctors-office toy (for lack of knowing the correct term), a church bag, his first toothbrush, some no-spill snack containers, and some blocks.

It's tradition to get a picture of Christmas gifts. This is what he got from Santa and grandparents. 
Dad got a new snow shovel, 12 Months of Cookies (Santa and I are partnering on this one), a study journal, some notebooks, and a few other things. Santa brought our family a pewter pitcher (we have wanted one since we got married!) and a new DVD player.

I got a dish mat, The Miracle of Jonathan Toomey book, some camera accessories from Blake, and some sewing stuff. This note from Blake was my favorite!

We got to conference call with my missionary siblings Hollie and Michael who are serving in Brazil. It was fun getting to actually see Hollie.

We spent the rest of the afternoon with the Sundays. We exchanged gifts, did the White Elephant gift auction with them too and had a yummy dinner.

We always feel so spoiled after Christmas. Not only were we spoiled with gifts, but are spoiled to have such wonderful family.

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