It's no news that the temperatures have been on the brink of record-breaking ones. Just the other day, Brandon told me it was a mere 3 degrees when he left for work. Does that make me me feel a little guilty staying in the warm, comfortable bed while he gets up early to make it to work? It sure does. But I try to make up for it in other ways. Like making homemade bread.

I have almost mastered this 100% whole wheat bread recipe I got from a lady in my ward. Almost is the key word. Everything has to be just right. Today, I threw out the first batch of dough because it was too sticky. The second batch of yeast didn't rise. I was about to give up, but I tried one more time. And I'm glad I did.

Because the result was amazing! And worth it. Blake has eaten 3 pieces already and I'm close behind. Brandon better hurry home before it is all gone. Our house now smells like a bakery and it has reduced every ounce of guilt I have felt for being a little lazy this week so far.

Warm bread straight from the oven is just what we needed during this ever so cold winter. Now, please excuse me while I go eat some more.


  1. yeah, melissa - you can't talk about how fabulous something is and then not share the recipe! this looks like my mom's bread...but her recipe makes like 9 loaves and is not easily divided. i would love a recipe for just one or two loaves.

  2. ya, how bout that recipe. I have a pretty good one but i'm always looking to see if there could possibly anything better. and yours looks pretty dang good. if its not a huge secret could you pass it on?


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