tahono chul: botanical gardens AZ style

Our first outing in Tucson with Marcelle and kids was to the Tahono Chul park. I'm sure it would be even more amazing in the spring or summer, but it was beautiful nonetheless. We were just happy to be outside without jackets on. We spent a few hours roaming through the gardens.

^ Cell phones even work in the desert! JK. He was just finishing up a call. This photo is for the cacti! ^

^Talmage was a cute little friend to Blake ^ 

The architecture was so unique. It was refreshing to see new patterns and vibrant colors that we normally don't see in our part of the world on a daily basis. 

The highlight of the gardens for the boys was the boat racing. Brandon and Talmage kept having boat races, but T always won. Marcelle and I got to chat and take pictures. 

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