the little things: january

I want to remember more of the little things. Because it's the little things that make life the most meaningful sometimes. My sister told me about a cool photo-a-day calendar, so I tried it out. One month down, 11 to go. Let's see if I can keep it up! 

happy new year | bundled up for YW | wheat bread | blocks tower with dad | grandma's birthday | thrifted Sunday dress | visit to trader joes | blake sporting a BYU outfit brandon wore | my sick baby boy | loving the mirror | 14" of snow | well-below freezing temps | no sweeets | cozy socks one month before V-day | my hoodlums | kitchen sink bath | carts aren't cool anymore | temple date | superman!| snacking away | hamburgers for the holiday | mouth full of bread | out-of-control desktop | midnight french toast | donut day! | thick, thick fog | sippy cup sippin'| launch of So-Festive.Com | YW invites | giveaway!| comfy night

1 comment:

  1. I still look at your blog. sorry I'm so bad at commenting lately. You're still adorable as always and I love all your pictures


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