st. george: snow canyon, sunshine, reunions and cappaletti's

This past weekend Blake and I got to go to St. George. Brandon had the weekend shift at work, so unfortunately he didn't get to come. The main reason we went was to see my Dad receive an award, but you didn't have to twist my arm to get us into warmer weather.

Blake loved the big, soft bed. And the bath tub.

While my dad was in meetings, we got to slip away and visit my dear friend, Julianna and her 5 children. She is an inspiration. If anyone can have 5 kids, it is her. I admired her patience, flexibility, and coolness as a mom. She reminded me of my mom. It was so fun seeing her.

On Saturday, we explored a little bit of Snow Canyon with my sister and my aunts. This is definitely on my list of places to go back to. The landscape was breathtaking.

We all got in touch with nature, literally, and played in the fine sand for quite a while.  Blake even liked it so much he tried to eat it. Surprised?

^^Twinner sandals on the sisters.

We attended the awards ceremony for my Dad. I'm so proud of him. He is such a hard worker and so dedicated at whatever he does.

An accomplishment like that deserves a nice dinner. We found a quaint little place called Capaletti's. What peaked our interest was the restaurant description: Italian with an Argentinian flair. It was amazing. The atmosphere created a very vivid memory and perfect way to celebrate.

And what a beautiful site the Temple was all lit up.

We met up with some good family friends on Sunday for church and then headed back up north to the cold. Boo-hoo. But the short little getaway was a perfect, rejuvenating trip. And we were really excited to see Brandon again. 


  1. Jealous of your little escape! Your Dad is awesome! Happy for him! And Blake is seriously SO DANG CUTE! He is looking so big these days.

  2. I can't believe you got to see Julianna--we should plan a get together sometime! Her kids are darling. --Michelle


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