blake {at 12 months}

Better late than never, right?

Things to Remember:
-At his appointment, he weighed in at a whopping 18.5 lbs (2nd percentile). He is in the 22nd percentile for length though. He's just a small little guy, but the crazy thing is he eats all. day. long.
-Speaking of eating, he likes pretty much anything we will give him, but doesn't love bananas as much anymore. We probably gave him too many! He loves apples, cooked carrots, and noodles.
-He has become very, very attached. We tried leaving him with a babysitter for our ward party and he wouldn't have anything to do with it. He screamed his head off. We'll have to help him with that.
-He learned to wave good-bye on January 28th, but doesn't do it much anymore.
-He is a cruiser. He can zip around the coffee table and couch, but still hasn't dared to walk on his own. He is really good at crawling and so active and bouncy.
-He is so playful. Every time we lay him down to change his diaper, he'll roll over, sit up, and wait for us to chase him. As soon as he sees that we follow him, he'll keep crawling away from us until he is all the way to the living room. He loves playing chase.
-He goes to bed at 6:30 and wakes up 6:30, with still about 2 naps a day.

And since this is probably the last month we'll do monkey photos, here are a few outtakes. I always hate picking just one!


  1. hard to believe a year already! he looks like brandon in that second outtake picture, i think. :)

  2. He is seriously so darling! Can't believe he's already one!!!


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