valentine's day 2013

(Now that the news is out about B's new job, I can post about Valentine's Day since part of our celebrating was celebrating his new job!)

It was B's turn to plan V-day this year. With him working late that night, I didn't have high expectations for the celebration. But, he proved me wrong and surprised us completely. We opted to have a family celebration, since Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers.

I still wanted to do something festive for us even though it wasn't my turn, so I made a Valentine's-Eve dinner:

On V-day, he left a note on the breakfast table for us to meet him at his work. He wasn't supposed to get off until 6:30 pm, but during the day, he texted saying he got off early so we got to meet up 2 hours earlier. Yay!

When I got in the car, I found these flowers on my seat:

I'm all about non-traditional flowers at non-traditional times. So he did well!

We went to Johnny Rocket's for dinner. So fancy, huh? Actually far from that, but so fun. We've been talking about going there for a while now and this was the perfect occasion, especially since he wouldn't be working nearby anymore. We had a mini dance party to the jukebox music and totally beat the dinner crowds. It was great not feeling rushed.

And since we were right there, we browsed through the outlets and came away with this whole bag of clothes from Gap for 51 cents!! Can't beat that!?!

I thought our celebration was over, but he surprised us once again. When he got his new job, I told him he should think of something he wanted to do to celebrate it. This is what he came up with. He booked a hotel for us to have a nice, quiet family get-away. We had all been sick that week, so it was a nice time away from everything. Blake loved the swimming and it was so relaxing cuddling up to movies and sleeping in. What amazed me was that he packed all of our stuff: pjs, clothes, the pack n'play, food for Blake, games, and movies all by himself and without me having any clue.

It was a great celebration! Yay for love!

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