brandon's birthday bash

Brandon choose blueberry muffins for breakfast and then he left for work. Blake and I got the rest of his birthday ready while he was gone. Blake even helped color the wrapping paper. As soon as he got home, we were off to celebrate! 

He can never get sick of pizza, so we ventured to a new place called Pizzeria Limone. It was fresh and modern and yummy.

It's his birthday tradition to fly kites. He is the master kite flyer and hopefully Blake and I can learn from the pro. We don't have anything fancy, but this kite I gave him a few years ago does the trick. It was quite the hit at the park.

We came home, opened presents, and had one of his favorite desserts: brownies ice cream. Happy Birthday to our favorite person!


  1. Happy Birthday B! Jealous of your kite flying. We have too many trees around here I don't know where to go to fly a kite. :(

  2. Thanks Melissa for making it such a great day!


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