blake lately

It's been a few months since I've written a little update on Blake. Here are a few things to remember:

^He is fascinated with whatever I'm doing in the kitchen. Whenever I'm cooking something on the stove or counter, he wants to be right in on the action. He really likes to watch the Kitchenaid spin around.

^This is his favorite face to make. He knows it makes us laugh, so now he makes it to others. He is quite the little entertainer. Between that and his constant speed walking, we've got an energetic little guy.

^We did a little trim before his birthday, but he got his first real haircut with the clippers tonight. It was a  peaceful event until the buzzing went on for more than 30 seconds. It was sad to see his fine, straggly locks go, but he looks much handsomer now. 

The otter pop at the end made it all better. His first!

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