Some days are covered in shadows. The gloom of missing someone can be burdensome.
Knowing that things would be different if they were here. Wishing...

But when I look close, I see there are blue skies today and ahead.
A burst of happiness, just like this flower, comes.
It's a memory, a conversation, a hug, or someone that reminds me of her.

While 12 years have passed since my mom has been gone, and dreaming of just getting to talk to her,
I know that there is purpose to all of this. I will get to see her again someday. That is the beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So I'll continue to look for the little beauties all around me. Because they remind me of her.


  1. That brought tears to my eyes....hope you're hanging in there! So glad you could join our family and help remind us of what's truly important in this life! Thanks for sharing :) Luv ya!

  2. So perfectly put! Love you! And your Mom! And she definitely lives on in each of her beautiful children.

  3. I couldn't have said it better! Love you, Melissa!


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