what makes me happy

the little things I don't want to forget. 

the sunset on a drive i took after i had a little breakdown. 
chocolate waffles. at midnight with b. 

feeding the ducks with blake! 
cinco de mayo dinner part uno. 
weekly pool outing.
part dos. yum. 

lots of stroller walks. 

first yard sale of the season. $6 for both of these. 

teaching yw how to make dinner.
sporting the shades. 


  1. Melissa, You are too cute! I love all your pictures. They are awesome. And I wish you were around to help me find bargains everywhere- your yard sale finds are amazing. I'm in love with that mirror!

  2. So fun! And, way to keep it real. Those placemats from the YW dinner are so cute. Do you know where to find those, or something similar? Thanks


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