cookies a 16-month old can make

I've had the biggest sweet tooth lately. All I want to eat lately is fruit and treats. And I've definitely indulged too many times. A few days ago, I was really wanting some cookies, but in my effort to be a little healthier, I tried a recipe I found on pinterest using 3 ingredients: oatmeal, bananas, and chocolate chips. Blake and I gave them a go. They wouldn't be my first choice for a cookie, but since we wanted to feel okay about eating cookies for lunch, these were great.

Blake loves being in the kitchen with me. He always wants to see what I'm cooking or making. Since there wasn't anything bad in these cookies (like raw eggs or anything), I gave him the masher and let him go at it. I don't know which one of us had more fun--him mashing or me watching him make a mess!

 And I know I probably took way too many pictures of this little guy, but it won't always just be the two of us. I want to remember the cookie making, mess-making times we have together! I just love him. 
^^this one makes him look so grown up. in a cute, little boy way. i could just kiss him all day long, much to his dismay. ^^

To make the "cookies": mix 1 cup quick oats with 2 ripe bananas. add in chocolate chips or nuts if desired. bake at 350 for 15 minutes.

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  1. We're going to have to try these. Blake looks SO big! And adorable as always. Can't wait to see him in 3 more weeks!!


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