how does our garden grow?

We finally got our garden in over the weekend. Let's hope it's a good year! I'm crossing my fingers that I can keep my flowers alive the entire season. B is doubtful, for good reasons. I haven't had much success in the past. It's a tradition to try one new plant each year. This year, the Lumina pumpkin is our experiment. We also planted lots of tomatoes, cucumbers, and a pepper plant.

My favorite part of the experience is picking out plants at the garden store. I wish I had our own house (and a fortune!) to landscape our yard really pretty, but someday, maybe? I'm just grateful we do have a yard and a garden spot to perfect our green thumbs before we really have our own place.


  1. It looks good. I absolutely love Blake's face in the red wagon. That boy is CUTE!

    I'm with you on not having a green thumb... but as long as we keep trying right? This is a good reminder for me to get pics of my garden up on the blog.

  2. You're yard/garden look SO good! Hopefully we'll even get to spend a little time in it when your flowers are big and thriving. I have faith in you. ;)


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