soCal day 1:: true food + the temple

I love blogging about trips because then I get to relive all the memories. Since trips are so full of memories, it is hard to remember them all...until I sort through the pictures and instantly get taken back to each and every moment.

And so I'll begin on Thursday morning. We left Blake with Brandon's parents. He was asleep when we left, but I couldn't leave without a good-bye. So I stood outside the room and whispered "Good-bye. I love you. See you soon" with almost tears in my eyes.  We've never left Blake for more than 24 hours before. While I knew this would be a good chance for me and B to have some good quality time, it was also tearing at my heart because I wanted Blake to be there right along with us.

But as soon as we landed and we got some pictures from Brandon's dad showing how happy and good Blake was doing, it calmed our hearts and let us truly relax and enjoy our few days together.

While B was at work, I checked into the hotel that was booked for us. Talk about nice! It was a suite in the Marriott Costa Mesa hotel. We have never stayed in that nice of room before. It's my turn to plan the anniversary this year (and since this is our early anniversary celebration),  I spruced up the bed with a card and 5 balloons--each containing something fun we could do together in Cali. B got to pop them throughout the weekend.

I spent the rest of the afternoon working out and relaxing at the pool. It was a strange feeling to have so much free time, but I loved every second of it!

B had a full day of work, but as soon as he got off, we dressed up for our date to True Food Kitchen and the Newport Beach Temple.

True Food was amazing! We got to sit on their outside patio and the food was so fresh and real.

We had only a few minutes before our Temple session to explore the grounds of the Newport Beach Temple. It was breathtaking! We wish we would have had more time there. The interior was just as beautiful, if not more. There was one room with dark wood trim and an ocean scene painted around the entire room. One of my favorite paintings I have ever seen, for sure! It was the perfect way to kick off our vacation.


Our room was booked under Platinum status, so when we returned to the hotel, we enjoyed free room service of a big bowl of ice cream and chilled water. This was just the beginning of feeling spoiled on our trip.

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