spoiled in sunny soCal

A click of the heels for a marvelous trip to SoCal! Brandon had to go to Orange County to do some training on the system he has been building for work. His uber-generous boss/owner of the company told him that I should tag along--all expenses paid. So he spent a day and 1/2 working, and then we played the rest of the time. I really didn't want to leave Blake, but since an opportunity doesn't come like this very often, and since we probably won't have another chance before baby no.2 comes, we decided to go for it and use it as an early anniversary celebration.

It was the perfect amount of time to rejuvenate, relax, and enjoy beautiful beaches in SoCal. More trip details to come.

Hooray for a wonderful getaway! But it's so nice to be back with our baby again.

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  1. Cute hat! ;) So glad you got to sneak away and get spoiled! You guys deserve it!


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