5 years

4 cars. 9 states visited. 7 jobs. 2 apartments. 3 entrepreneurial ventures. 
6 countries visited. 1.5 kids. And counting....

Our anniversary celebration was simple this year since California in May was our big thing.
We did sealings in the Temple, ate dinner at Olive Garden, and caught a 10:10 movie. 
Can't remember the last time we actually went to the theater. And a late show at that. 
It was fun reminiscing on the last 5 years and talking about the next 50.
I'm grateful I married my best friend. I love laughing together. Talking together. And just being together.
 I love when we actually go on a date and get out of parenting mode for a few hours. 
We are a good team. Me and B. I sure love him! 


  1. 5 years! my how time flies! CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. SUCH a good team. I love that you guys are married! Wish we lived closer though--we could be so festive together :)


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