things not to be forgotten

Brandon just said to me, "So...our blog has kind of been lacking lately." Yes, it has. I've been meaning to update, but I've been working so hard on other projects that I've forgotten to check in here. Nonetheless, tonight I'm going to do a photo dump of all the little things I don't want to forget about. Because I tell you what, it's those little things that are sometimes the most memorable.

DHS 10 year reunion. us. the grows. and grows. 
found matching $1 shirts with kell and andrea
blake being entertained by the wilson cousins
blake's favorite book to pull off the shelf. hilarious! 
city creek playdate with t + a + marcelle
h + b's first sleepover
first (and last for a while) ride at lagoon  for b's company work party
he liked the train ride much better!
nanny reunion
my nanny boys playing the violin for us. 
 nico and finn--my nanny boys meet blake!
surviving the hot summer one gelato at a time
blake got to choose a book from the library for completing the reading program
bigger and bigger. including my face. @ 34 weeks. it will all be worth it!
aquarium date with libby
started a new weekly series on SoFestive.com

hanging on all by himself!
grocery receipt was taller than blake! stocking up before baby.
braved the standby line and got to see James Taylor in concert. amazing!!


  1. Oh how I've missed your updates! I was about to text you that it had been 6days but I guess B took care of it for me! ;)

  2. You are still so small at 34 weeks! So exciting to have a new baby coming!


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