miss E at 2 weeks

Evelyn has brought such a wonderful new dimension to our family. I love being a mom to a sweet baby girl. 
She is a really content and calm baby, except when she's eating. Nursing has been a huge struggle (Blake really spoiled us in that department), but I'm sure we will get the hang of it eventually. Poor girl. 

As I'm sure it is with each new child, it's hard to focus on just them. When we had Blake, we would just sit and stare at him all day long. We try to do that as much with Evelyn as we can, but it's a tricky balancing act when Blake needs our attention as well and life must go on. Oh how I would love to shut out the world for another few weeks and just enjoy the heavenly presence that newborns bring. And yet, Blake needs outside time and a break from the monotony of being cooped up. So we are trying to learn how to juggle both. Perhaps it's a big blessing that she is up a lot in the night so I can get that precious one-on-one snuggle and bonding time with her.  I keep telling myself there will be plenty of time for sleep in my life, but this sweet stage only lasts so long. 

Speaking of sleep, I just put her down (in the laundry basket) so I'm off to bed as well. Maybe I won't have bags under my eyes tomorrow after all. 

*photo by Megan Gelter. We just got a sneak peek of some from our photo shoot over the weekend and I'm so excited to see the rest!


  1. That is the most beautiful picture I've ever seen. Wow. Stunning!

  2. She is so precious! After we saw you at the hospital Scott said "She's a nice looking baby." I guess that is Scotty code for "she is cute" but of course he wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong idea and think he might like babies :)


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