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Today I'm grateful for modern medicine. Nitrous oxide to be exact. I don't have the best teeth in the world. I have nobody to blame except myself. My parents gave me flouride pills at breakfast. I flushed them down the toilet. My parents paid for the flouride swish at school. I only pretended to swish it as the school nurse walked by. And now I'm paying (literally) the consequences. I hope when my children are reading this someday they will learn from their mother to just take the dang flouride pills.

Anyways, as I was getting 3 cavities filled this afternoon, I was calm and relaxed as could be. They don't call it laughing gas for no reason. That stuff is amazing. Even though I'm sure I could have prevented all these problems, I'm grateful that there is a way to get through dentist appointments. I never had it growing up and I am sure it would have made dental work much more pleasant. So even though I'm hoping my children with have their daddy's teeth, I was just thinking about how grateful I am that they will have that, too. And that it will make my job as a mom easier too when that dreaded day of taking my children to the dentist comes.

That's all.


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    1. Ha! I tried to post a few times and it never posted. Figures the test one would. My comment was that you're a bad girl! Flushing them down the toilet! ;) My teeth were saved when we moved to NC because they put flouride in the drinking water! My only cavities came from my college years in ID and UT.

  2. Well regardless of how healthy your teeth actually are, they look beautiful!


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