gratitude week: part 1


Today I'm grateful for Blake. With Miss Evelyn coming into the picture, I'm sure Blake has felt a little neglected (besides the times he gets away with eating treats for breakfast, etc). I really couldn't have asked for a better big brother for her, though. He has such a tender side to him that is really starting to come out and it makes me so happy to see. I can tell he'll watch over her and protect her just from the way I see him try to giver her a binki when she's sad or try to put a blanket on her.

Other Blake-isms as of late that I'm grateful for:

-The way he says thank you. We've really been trying to help him with speaking more, and even though he isn't quite there yet, he is darn good at saying "ank-oo" after almost everything. Now we don't even have to ask him to say it and he'll do it on his own. A proud parent moment for sure.

-His love for spiritual things. We read out of kid scriptures each night. I'll be honest, for a while we could barely get through one story (consisting of 5 or 6 lines.) But now, we can get through a few and he'll ask to read out of it even when it's not bedtime. Also, he loves the song, "Latter-Day Prophets." We have a book with all the pictures of the prophets in the back and he will ask us to sing it over and over and over again as we point to each prophet.

-We're grateful he is a pretty good eater. What kid LOVES indian food, steel cut oats, almonds, cajun chicken pasta? Blake does. It seems like he prefers flavorful food over bland. Hopefully he keeps it up.

-We love his open mouth kisses. He has always kissed like that. He runs over to either of us before we leave to give us a kiss, without asking. We love his tender side.

-But we also love that he is ALL boy. He kicks the ball around the house all day long. He likes climbing on any furniture we'll let him.

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  1. Oh, we love that boy too! And once again I LOVE the pics. So I guess he's over his fear of balls?? ;) Miss his cute face!


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