gratitude week: part 2

Today, I'm grateful for Brandon. He is my no. 1. I can tell him everything and anything. He is my strength and my confidant. I love planning, dreaming, and hoping with him. I love staying up late and just talking to him. I love the way he treats our children. I am grateful that he wants to be a present dad. He changes probably just as many diapers as I do. He LOVES hanging out with Blake, like doesn't just do it because he should, but because that is what he really wants to do. I enjoy watching them be together. I'm grateful he works so hard for us. He is so determined in everything he does. I'm grateful for his job and the way it provides for us. We both kind of wonder about how he ended up in the career he did, but all we know is Heavenly Father hand his hand in all of it.  How grateful we are for how things have worked out so perfect for us, even though it was very different than our original plan. I love him and I'm grateful I get to be with him forever.

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