life with 2 kids...

Blake gets away with climbing up to eat leftover popcorn at breakfast while I'm nursing. 

Our house looks like this just a few minutes into the day and usually stays that way until the children are asleep at night.

Blake creates all sorts of masterpieces when I'm not looking...

And this one that I couldn't stop before he spilled the whole box!

But then there are moments like this:

that make all the messes and piles of laundry and forgetting things and being late that seem to not matter as much. I knew there was a reason we felt so strongly about having a second baby so soon after Blake. And when we get those rare, peaceful moments of seeing them together or hanging out as a fam, it makes all the craziness completely worth it.

1 comment:

  1. you're amazing!! I can't even IMAGINE doing this all with another kid. Holy cow.

    Evelyn is adorable!!! <3


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