this was halloween

We had the perfect Halloween. It was just the right amount of fun and celebration with a new baby.

Blake and I made pumpkin tortilla pizzas for lunch. He was one happy boy! 

We got dressed up and went to the Jones' for a very festive Halloween dinner with the Eves. 

Don't be fooled. The dinner we ate was delicious, but it came from Uncle Mortimer. Right after we got there, Kenzi wondered if we would take our kids down to the basement to say hi to her uncle. Upon going downstairs, we soon found that Uncle Mortimer was dead! DEAD! He left a will for us to read and each of us received one of his possessions. The last thing he left for us was his remains...to eat. 

(I didn't get a before picture, but everything was covered up when we went down.)

We ate his brain (peach jello), heart (also jello), lungs (garlic bread), stomach (seasoned chicken), and intestines (pasta). It was actually very delicious! We all had seconds. :) 

We finished getting into our costumes. Here is Blake and Libby. 
 They've grown so much since last year...

Libby, Blake, Trek, and Evelyn
The Eves
The Jones
The balloon lady was the favorite for the kids
The adults loved the hot scones and cider from the Gunns
Blake and Evelyn-the cutest lil' Waldos
We came home, got the children to bed and then cuddled up to Hocus Pocus. It was a great Halloween. 

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