evelyn's blessing

While most of our family was in town over Thanksgiving and before we moved out of our Holladay ward, we decided to bless Evelyn. It was a very special day. I'll be honest. The week before her blessing was crazy with closing on a house, celebrating Thanksgiving, starting a remodel, family get togethers, and Christmas Village. Oh, and our apartment was full of boxes. So we decided to keep it really small (unlike with Blake's blessing) and just invite immediate family members. It all turned out. We had muffins and fruit afterwards and everyone seemed okay with such a simple gathering.

The focus was on our little Miss Evelyn and I'm so grateful for the special blessing she received from Brandon. We are very blessed to have her in our family. Just looking at how precious she is in the photos makes my heart burst with happiness.

We're so glad G'ma and G'pa Wilson were here! 


  1. Loving all the fun, festive things you've been up to. I'm amazed at what you've pulled off all while having a brand new baby, a brand new house, and the holiday's going on! I bet you're all ready for a long winters nap! ;) Love the pictures of Miss E! Especially that close up black and white. She is one gorgeous girl!

  2. She is the perfect blend of you & Brandon. Growing so fast and BEAUTIFUL!


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