st. nicholas day

The week after Thanksgiving was a busy one. We packed, packed, packed and tried to get the house ready to move in. Then we got word that we would have to move out a week earlier than planned. So we threw out any organization to the packing and just tried to get everything into boxes and fast.

On the eve of St. Nicholas Day, we decided to spend the night at our new place. We took a load up and I made Brandon squish our Christmas tree into the car so we could do something festive already. Half of our lights were burned out, so we had a striped tree. But at least it was something. Blake loved helping out.

We told Blake to leave  put his shoe under the tree, but he insisted on putting it ON the tree. Silly boy!

We forgot to pack Evelyn's shoes, so we put out her hat. St. Nicholas came! He brought Frosty for the children and some cleaning sponges for mom and dad. St. Nicholas must know that we needed these!

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  1. I dont know how you do it! I love reading about your traditions you certainly make me feel the spirit of Christmas! :)


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