goodbye holladay home

That house (apt) has been our home.
It is the home we experienced heartbreaks and happiness in.
It is the home we welcomed Blake and Evelyn to.
It is the home where we hosted spudnut shindigs, dinner parties, and holiday gatherings in. Despite the size.
It is the home where we defined ourselves as a family; where we we decided what our life goals and ambitions are.

Our last time in the place. Evelyn was not hurt and yes, Blake has a snotty nose. We were all sick!
Things we will miss:

-Our ward. Our ward amazes us. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly from our first day at church. And the generosity. We had meals brought in for nearly 3 weeks after Evelyn was born. People just kept calling and showing up with gifts and meals. And talk about the ward parties! Everything they did was amazing and so well put together.

-Our friends. We started an FHE group a few years ago with all the young couples in our ward and now we are the best of friends. We often did things in addition to FHE like play groups, game nights, dinner swaps, canyon cookouts. In the past few months, a lot of us have moved on, but we hope to stay connected.

-Millcreek Canyon. I don't think we will ever have the luxury of being so close to the canyon. Although we wish we would have taken advantage of it more, we have so many fun memories up there.

-Savers. Seriously, I'm so sad to not be only 5 minutes from a Savers. And a good Savers at that. It was the cleanest, cheapest thrift store around.  I would take weekly (if not more) trips there just to browse and more often than not I would come away with treasures. Our family and home is mostly outfitted from clothing, shoes, and decor from that place.

-Proximity to SLC, Park City, and Provo. We were in the heart of it all. Ikea, the Zoo, Aquarium, downtown, Temple, Trader Joes, World Market, Park City, etc was all just a quick drive away.

-The luxury of renting. Flood? Call the landlord. Broken dryer? Call the landlord. Lawn needs mowed? Call the landlord. You get the idea.

-The beautiful view of Mt. Olympus from our backyard.

What we won't miss:

-The nasty spiders. In our bed. In our shower. The ones that blend in so well with the carpet.

-Not being able to use the dishwasher, washer, toilet, and shower or any combination at the same time.

-The narrow hall and not having a bathtub.
Blake sure loved helping--even if that meant unpacking the boxes we had just packed up!
-Living on a busy road without a fenced in yard.

-Our 3 foot kitchen. How we have survived with a tiny kitchen still blows my mind.

-Bad insulation. Cold in the winter. Hot in the summer.

-Tan walls. Tan carpet. Blah.

We moved out on December 7th, the same day as our ward Christmas party and a huge snowstorm. And I got a huge ear infection the night before. Good timing, huh? We made a few extra trips to pick up the odds and ends and clean the following week. It was sad saying good-bye, but we knew that day would come eventually. We just never thought it would come after having a baby and right during the Christmas season. Note to self--let's never do that again.

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