ringing in twenty14.

We had every intention of hosting a New Year's Party, but I never had intentions of it all coming together so festively. In fact, it wasn't until the night before that I surprisingly had a few extra minutes and decided to make a few decorations for the party. Well, one thing led to another. And before I knew it, we had a themed party. We're so glad everyone came to help us break in our house with the first real party. It rocked. 

before the party started, we took these gifts to our new neighbors

this welcomed the guests 
Em gave me these bowls a while ago and I finally put them to use! 
our homemade Times Square ball - and yes, still painting tape on the wall!

Sarah brought Bunko, complete with prizes for the winners and losers--an Allen family tradition.

We ate lots of good food and toasted at midnight.

And had fun getting photos.

We had such an BIG, full year in 2013 with quite the surprises: a new job, trips to Arizona, California, Idaho, and Utah, a new baby, and a new house. Whew. By the end of December, we were feeling pretty exhausted. We are looking forward to a "slower" and "calmer" 2014. Maybe those are just wishes, but we don't foresee any major changes happening this year. We hope to get settled into our new house and take it easy...or at least easier.

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