evelyn {at 3 months}

Things to Remember: 
-This month she has  become so much fun! She is so interactive. Every time I smile, she'll not only smile back, but do the sweetest little giggle, too.
-She has a full-blown bald spot on the back.
-She sleeps the best in the swing. She doesn't like to be flat on her back.
-She wakes up once on good nights, twice sometimes.
-She loves facing out when I hold her.
-She really is very content; only fusses when she's hungry and tired. We have made big strides since she was born.
-She is a quick eater now, whereas it used to be a long struggle.
-She has a blow-out every 3-4 days. 'Nuff said.
-She is a vocal little girl. She doesn't really cry a lot, but when she wants something, she'll shout out as if to say, "hello! I need something!"
-Blake likes to read and sing songs to her when she's sad.
-Seeing how much she's grown makes me sad that we are already out of the newborn phase.

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