color party!!

Once upon a time, we decided to have a color party with our friends from Holladay. My friend LOVES color (she has a wall practically every color in her house) and I LOVE to plan parties. So we decided to join our forces together and have a party I've always wanted to throw. Since I was certain I would be late having Evelyn since I was late with Blake, we planned it for October 3. Well, plans changed after I found out I would be getting induced on the 8th. Having a color party was something that had to go. Then the holidays came, we bought a house and moved. But we still had everything planned for the party. This last weekend we made it happen and it was a blast! We miss our friends a lot. It was just like old times...we eat a lot, the kids play together, and we laugh. And we got to use the dining room for the first time...although it's not always going to stay like this. Can't wait to paint it! 

What's a Color Party? 
--Everyone dresses in a color. We ate Hawaiian Haystacks with colored toppings. We played True Colors and ate colored treats and snacks. And the best dressed got a prize.

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