Snapshot Sunday

It's already Sunday evening again. The children are nestled in their beds and Brandon is peacefully sleeping next to me. I treasure these quiet, peaceful moments when life is calm, under control, and I get a few moments to reflect inwardly.

I'm grateful that Sundays do that. More than ever am I thankful that Sundays are a day of rest. Sure, with two little ones around, "rest" is a relative term, but I love the extra family time and the chance to gear up for the next week before it hits full force. 

At church today, an unsaid prayer of mine was answered. My craving for a spiritual moment was satisfied and I received some direction and guidance as to what I need to be focused on right now. I'm sure it will take time to sort out what it all means, but with time it will come. 

It's hard to change, to let go of things, and desires of our heart. But the more I pour out, the more the Savior can pour in. What a beautiful concept! 

Heres just a few of my favorite snapshots of the week. (I've got to start doing something with all these phone pics!)

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