the blakester turns 2

How is it possible that Blake is already 2? He has certainly become a little boy this past year. It gets more and more fun each day. 

The day started out with a birthday balloon (with Elmo on it!--his recent obsession) delivered to his bed and finding quarters from the birthday fairy. What I love about this stage is how exciting everything is. 

We started a new tradition from my friend Andrea (although not to her magnitude!) of doing a birthday door--although our was not quite a door. I just might leave this up until the next birthday. I loved having a reason to actually get pictures printed and reminisce on our little Blake. Blake loved looking at it, too. 

^^trying to say "two" 

Due to my knee injury, a closed aquarium, and Brandon getting called into work, our plans changed. We kept things simple, but it was perfect for a 2 year old.

Because we are super cool parents (Blake, remember this when you are older), we let him try out his cake before dinner. 

Brandon made fettucini alfredo for him for dinner and it was hit. He had 3 plates full. This kid can eat! Then both sets of grandparents came over for cake and presents. He was spoiled and loves his new wheelbarrow and train set.

^^ Grandma reading his favorite book as of late- Dinosaur Train

^^trying really hard to blow out the candles

We love this kid so much! He is full of life and personality, but also has such a sweet side to him.

A few things to remember:
-Super helpful. He loves putting things in the garbage cans, sweeping the floor, wiping up Evelyn's spit-up.
-He knows how to play the game. He has such a king smurk.
-Tantrums have developed. :(
-He is one awesome sleeper. Always has been. We still get 2 naps out of him somedays.
-He loves being outside. He can hear an airplane from miles away.
-He still isn't speaking many words, but he has great association for things. I taught him about hearts the other day and anytime he saw a heart for Valentine's day, he would point to his. He is smart, but not a talker.

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