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Motherhood is all about choices. And most of those are between two good things. I don't always have the ability to let go. In fact, I've always been a firm believer that "you can make time for what you want." That is mostly true, but I'm learning that I really can't do all that I want.

I would love to always have homemade bread in the house instead of store stuff packed with preservatives.

I would love to have a perfect cleaning schedule that I always follow.

I would love to take dinners more often to people.

I would love to have my kids bathed and dressed before noon every day.

I would love to be out of the house by 10 for a fun outing. Yet I'm lucky if we get out by 3.

Last week, I had a tough decision to make.

I was asked to be on Studio 5 to share some stuff from our A to Zs of Party Planning I've been doing over on So Festive.

I was so excited!! I have loved keeping up that blog and hearing things like that make my little hobby and hard work seem to pay off. That is my happy place and it makes it rewarding to hear that others could find joy in making their life more festive as well.

As soon as I got off the phone with the host, I started thinking about what I could say. What I should wear. And all the things I would need to do to pull off an amazing presentation.

And then it hit me: I would be spending the entire week getting ready for this.

And instead of feeling that excitement (because I LOVE presenting and public speaking), I felt this huge burden.

That's when I knew it wasn't right.

That doesn't mean it will never be right, but for this week, it wasn't right. And so I contacted them back and told them I couldn't.

As this week has gone on, I've noticed all the little moments I have been able to enjoy because I wasn't stressing about a presentation.

Tonight was one of them. We took a stroll on the path by our house (one of our favorite things about where we are) and Blake kept saying, "faaast" as if we couldn't tell he was running so fast. Evelyn was as happy as could be.

I realized tonight after picking up that Evelyn has just outgrown her bouncy chair. Blake apparently is too grown up for his booster seat and prefers to stand on momma or dada's chair to eat.

These days, although sometimes long, are going way too fast.


  1. That's amazing Mel! You didn't tell me about studio 5! So cool they asked you to be on!

  2. That is really cool and I'm so proud of you for being able to say no when it didn't feel right. You have a great family


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