bedtime at our house

Because I know I'll forget what these days are like at bedtime.

Usually I take Evelyn while Brandon helps Blake. We go upstairs to her room. I change her into jammies and then feed her one last time in the rocking chair. Her eyes droop as we rock. Yet, she never fully falls asleep while I'm holding her. Once she has done eating, I swaddle her up, give her her binki, and she rests her head next to a rolled up blanket. She loves that soft feeling right against her face. Once she is asleep, I move it for the night. And she falls asleep. She, like Blake, prefer to be put down in bed to fall asleep, rather than being held.

Blake is getting smart about bedtime and knows what it means. He loves brushing his teeth all by himself and actually loves his vitamins. We're still  baffled by that one because they stink!

Oh, hi! I rarely have the camera at bedtime. Just tonight so I could capture this. 

Blake runs around in his room, playing any sort of game that will let him stay up longer. We all cuddle up on his chair and read a bunch of stories. His favorites right now are "The Nightmare in my Bedroom", "The Very Quiet Cricket," "You are Special", "My First Book of Prophets" (when we sing the Prophet song at the end, and we end with the Book of Mormon. For a while we were just reading one story from it,  but now we can get through the whole book. After that, he knows we pray and turn out the lights. He loves his binki, but we have cut it down to just nap times and he seems to be doing okay with that, although he still asks for it.

Tonight was especially sweet. We knelt down for prayer. He tried squinting really hard to close his eyes. Brandon asked him if he wanted to say the prayer. So in all his jibberish of words, he kept talking until we heard an Amen. It was so a paycheck. He is a wild and energetic boy, but really has a sweet, tender side to him.

I love my babies.

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  1. Cute! I love this. :)

    Baby L also prefers to fall asleep on her own in the bed. She also sometimes won't nurse much when I feed her in the dark before bed b/c she'd rather sleep! it's crazy, and cool, and awesome and weird. haha!


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