first time at a museum and spring at BYU

Since we try and be cultured sometimes, we took Blake and Evelyn to the Sacred Gifts exhibit that is taking place right now at BYU's Museum of Art. I'm glad we made the effort to go, because we learned that it took 12 years to get this exhibit to happen. And...we also learned that these paintings have not left Denmark since 1860 and will not likely be ever loaned out again.

BYU is where we fell in love, so had to get a pic of one of the original LOVE statues. Now look at us, 2 kids later!

They wouldn't allow photography in the exhibit, but it was amazing. Carl Bloch, Heinrich Hofmann and Frans Schwartz painted some of the most well-known paintings of Christ. Blake kept saying "ee-sus" when he would see one. It was too cute. 

We saw the original painting that President Thomas S. Monson has in his office of Christ. 

After the exhibit, we did a little exploring around campus. (My silly brain thought we had a half hour to kill before Clara's first birthday party, only to show up to the party and realize we were late. Oops!)

Spring was in full bloom. Provo really is beautiful.

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