easter 2014 | part 2

Flashback to the 90s. This photo was taken just after church. My dad ran over to our neighbors to see if they would snap a quick pic. I love this photo for so many reasons. I won't analyze it completely, but I think it captures a lot of our personalities to a T. And I love our Easter tree. My mom put eggs on in every year. While I used to think it was tacky, in my older, more mature? years I have always dreamed of the day when I could do my own Easter tree. (Come to find out it's a German tradition. Even more reason!) 

Well, let me introduce to you our first annual Easter tree. It's an Aspen just like the one growing up. These eggs were the first decoration I put up this year. I loved watching the tree bloom, and have the pops of color to brighten the view from the kitchen sink.

It went from this:

to this:

And I knew it would be the perfect backdrop for our annual Easter family photo. (2013 here. 2012 here. 2011 here ) Even though Blake couldn't go to church, I still made him dress up for the photo. We were not going to miss out on it! And I did just what we did years ago. We had our darling neighbor Shalyce take it for us. Sure beats setting up the tripod like we have in years past. We're blessed to have such amazing neighbors. 

Since the weather and lighting was lovely, we took a lot. Here's some of my favorites:

^oh, those sores. poor guy! 

We had to miss out on the Sunday family dinner because there were other kids there, but since the King cousins already had Hand and Foot, we were able to stop by for dinner and a quick egg hunt.


  1. You guys look great! Where'd you get your shirt!? I love it! I love that flashback. Too bad Justin's covering you up! Ha! Big brothers. And I love your Easter tree! We still have yet to get any blossoms around here! Glad you at least got to head out for a little Easter celebrating.

  2. The old family picture is exactly how I remember you guys. It's what makes me feel old when I think of little Kristen being a mom :)
    Love the new tradition. I told Jon I wanted to plant a tree in our front yard that would allow me to do this every year. I love the springy color.
    New family pics look so great!,

  3. Oh poor Blake! But love the photos!!!

    p.s. yes it is a Swiss/German tradition to do eggs in the trees--my mom does it every year too :) One day I will have a tree! ;)

    Love your necklace and Evelyn's bow!!!


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